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And yet again, the exhausted me went to the market after a whole day of college for some stationary. And what do I notice! The whole street was enlightened up with red-yellow and colorful threads. Ohh!! I realized, it is RAKHI  after two days. 

Evil Eye Rakhi gifted to me!

So weird, we’re so much into our lives that it is so hard to manage meeting our own siblings sometimes!! Its a fact, that we used to play ghar-ghar every day, when we were young, and look at us now!! lmao. Huhhh, thanks to the mobile phones that their huge funny faces can be fitted in a 7 inch box, so i called up my sister, she was in hurry! She told me, that mom is not expecting us to be home this rakhi, as she thinks we’re too much occupied in our lives and that we actually are…

At 11 pm my sister called me again and said catch a bus for home, I‘ll be there. She wasn’t asking me, rather just ordering, bro, what is this behavior?. In her mind she’s the one who is always busy and I’m the one who can take a leave anyway, as I’m in college… and she’s was actually right lmao. 

And I reached home to see the shocking face of my mother that her pets are really home, yes we’re the pets; thinking now that the era of war  has been ended between the two – me and my sister! Aren’t we just formal siblings who only meet twice or thrice a year ! Of course.

How nostalgic is this, fighting for the favourite sweet, to finally giving the best sweet to your sibling!!

Not speaking to each other after a fight, to having a fight because of not speaking to each other!!

Things might have changed but our love is immortal. 

Yes, today’s Rakshabandhan and she tied me, my favourite colour rakhi , which she purchased online from Ominish jewels, her choice is improving! Lol! She knows I love to style myself, I’m going to wear this one forever, every day!  Such cool colors and looks like my sister spent money on some immortal stones. She’s getting mature now, lmao! she knows what makes me happy- such stylish things.

We joyfully celebrated this Rakhi for 5 hours 13 seconds, as we’ve to leave for our respective jobs in life! But I stayed another day with mom, and we said goodbye to my busy sister!

Hope such shubhmuhurats always keep coming  again and again into our lovely lives. It’s a blessing to stay connected and receive the love of your siblings, who may or may not commit verbally but are there for you, forever ♾️