Let’s say ‘No’ to Plastic together!

Let’s say ‘No’ to Plastic together!

We pledge to make this world a better place by choosing sustainable approaches in our businesses & personal lives. Should we count you in?

Turquoise Gold Plated Statement Dangling Short Earrings – Ominish

Our strategy is to avoid buying plastic directly or indirectly, and recycle what comes our way, in small little ways. If required, we invest in re-cyclable or bio-degradable variety only.

Being small business owners, we deal with karigars, suppliers, marketing and many more people, but we cannot control each one’s action, but ours! So, we collect & re-use the plastic packing, bubble sheet, containers and zip pouches etc, that we receive and discard them after they’re worn out.

The Ominish Packaging is a beautiful multi-purpose box & handmade Jute pouches, which can be used for storing equally beautiful stuff, as ours! 😊

We, as a business and as individuals want to touch lives, and connect deeply on this matter, to make these small steps matter towards sustainability. Every drop in the ocean counts!